Parted - Body Tracking & Projection Mapping

Parted is a collaboration between Daisuke Hashimoto, Paul Lacroix and Yae Doi.

It is starring the Japanese artist Mari Katayama.


Creative Technology

Paul Lacroix


Director & Writer

Daisuke Hashimoto



Planner & Producer

Yae Doi




Assistant Cameraman


Best Boy Electric

Hair and Makeup Artist & Art Director


Costume Designer

Projector Technical Director

Projector Chief Engineer

Projector Assistant Director

Projector Assistant Engineer




3D Mesh & Rigger

Music Producer


Production Manager

Production Assistant

Mari Katayama


Shiho Miyazaki

Sho Takahashi

Saki Iida

Sayaka Mori

Hiroto Kuwahara

Ayaka Habata

Mihoko Nakajima

Hiroshi Sato

Toshihiko Aoki

Tsuyoshi Koyama

Naoto Yokozuka


MORIO Co., Ltd.


TETRA inc.

Taro Ishida


MasaKuni Sato

Risa Takahashi

A word from the creators

   Daisuke Hashimoto


An atypical substance crawls around and erodes a woman's body, evolving and transforming all along. It is a metaphor for the complexities and inconsistencies resulting from physical deficiencies.

The feeling gradually becomes a mixture of pleasure and disgust. Finally, this muddy mixture quits her body and vanishes like a phantom.



   Paul Lacroix


Technology is not an end in itself but can be considered as a way of expressing ideas and sharing emotions. It provides a dynamic canvas to be combined with traditional arts like painting, makeup or dancing.

Though it remains an essential part of the creation, the challenge is to push its limits enough to make it flawless and natural, while trying to maintain a delicate balance with the other fields it is coupled with.



   Yae Doi


Throughout several facial projection mapping projects, I have been thinking about the universal question of the relationship between identity and technology. In Parted, the purpose was to combine this theme with the beauty of the human body, also make people reflect toward taboo in our society. We all sometimes seem to see everything and see nothing.

Although this was a very personal intuition and inspiration, I have been searching for a body model that I found most beautiful, Mari Katayama, a Japanese artist with prostheses on both legs.

Behind The Scenes

Some technical details

When we started the project, we really wanted to convene the feeling of the content flowing over the model body, reacting to her most subtle movements.

Projecting on a face or a bust requires precision, but the shape itself does not vary a lot. In our case, bones and muscles are moving freely. By using an infrared camera, the system tracks multiple reflective markers placed on the skin. They guide the real-time deformation of a CG model and make it fit the shape of the body.

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Parted video is Copyright (c) 2020 by Daisuke Hashimoto, Paul Lacroix, Yae Doi and Mari Katayama